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ATM Banking

Rupay ATM EMV chip based Debit Card

Business Bank own Rupay ATM EMV chip based Debit Card for hassle free transactions at all ATM terminals across the country as well as at all merchandise POS terminal. Customer can avail online transactions facility through card with OTP.

  • 24X 7 Available
  •  Swipe anywhere at anytime
  •  Carrying a ATM Card is more like carrying cash with you at any time any where.
  •  Your ATM card is protected by self generated PIN
  •  Keeps your money safe.
  • Use our Green PIN App for instant PIN Change
  • Use our card safe App for control your ATM Card Limit.

Business Bank is a member of the NPCI NFS network, comprising almost all of India’s Public, Co-operative & Private Sector banks. Now, transact from any of the ATM’s in the NPCI network. RuPay EMV Debit Cards are acceptable at all ATMs across India. There are around 1.80 Lac ATMs and close to 9.50 Lac POS terminals in India under the RuPay platform. In addition, RuPay cards are also accepted online across 10,000 E-commerce websites. RuPayEMV Debit Cards Offer Accidental Death Insurance Cover of Rs.1 Lac to the Card Holder.

Services that our ATM centers provide:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Cash withdrawal

Services through which you can access through your Rupay EMV Debit Card:

  • Green Pin – Instant Pin Regeneration through your Mobile Phone
  • Card Safe – You can manage your Card Limits such as ATM withdrawal, ECOM Transaction Etc.

Similarly you can also use your Business Bank ATM Card on any of the NPCI Network

You can use your RuPay EMV Debit Cards in three ways:

  • Transact at an ATM or immediate withdrawals of cash
  • Swipe your card when buying an item. The money used to pay for the transaction is deducted in a few minutes from your account
  • Use your card Online for shopping or for any bill payment and Recharge also add money to various wallets Like PAYTM wallet, Airtel Wallet, Idea Wallet, Phone Pe Wallet.

Easy to obtain

Once you open an account we will issue you a Debit EMV Insta Card upon request.


Purchases can be made by swiping the card rather than issuing a cheque or carrying cash.

It can be access to anywhere in the Country.


  • Business Bank has been issued card safe and green pin services through which our Customer can access their online transaction funding activity through by themselves as well.

Readily Accepted

When out of town (or out of the country), Debit Cards are usually widely accepted (make sure to tell your financial institution you’re leaving your city, to not have an interruption in service).

Some Guidelines

  • Guard your Debit Card against loss or theft. Keep it in a safe place just like you keep cash and cheque books
  • Choose a PIN number that only you know. It is recommended, you don't use your phone number or birthday
  • Guard your PIN number. Memorize it and never write it on anything you keep with you
  • Keep receipts from all your debit card transactions for your records
  • Review your statements immediately and investigate any unknown transactions


With reference to RBI circular RBI/2019-20/142 DPSS.CO.PD No.1343/02.14.003/2019-20 (15 January 2020) and NPCI circular NPCI/2020-21/RuPay-Bulletin/001 (29 Jun 2020), we have implemented the following changes:

  • E-com facility will be enabled for only those debit cards that have been used for at least one online (e-commerce) transaction since 1 Jan 2019. The cards for which there are no online (e-com) transactions on or after 01-Jan-2019, will be disabled for e-commerce transactions.
  • This change will not affect ATM and POS transactions in which card is physically used (‘card present’ transactions).
  • The changes have been moved to production on between Saturday night and Sunday morning (i.e. 4 Oct 2020, between 12:00 am to 04:00 am). 

Please note: All new cards issued will be disabled for e-commerce transactions initially. 

Customers will be given a facility to start or stop e-com transactions on their debit cards by sending a SMS to Sarvatra’s long code 8750587505 or by using Card Safe app:

  • Message to be sent to enable e-commerce facility: START ECOM   (e.g. START ECOM 1234)
  • Message to be sent to disable e-commerce facility: STOP ECOM   (e.g. STOPT ECOM 1234)

The requests received from the customers registered mobile number will be acknowledged with a confirmation SMS.

While processing an online (e-com) transaction, the transaction will be declined if the card is disabled for e-com and an SMS will be sent to mobile number registered for the card informing the customer about the card status and steps to activate the card using SMS.

Depending on the status of the debit card, the SMS response will be as one of the following:

  • As per your request your debit card has been activated for online transactions. To deactivate send SMS "STOP ECOM " to 8750587505 OR from Mobile App.
  • As per your request your debit card has been deactivated for online transactions. To activate send SMS "START ECOM " to 8750587505 OR from Mobile App.
  • To activate your debit card for online transactions, please send SMS “START ECOM ” to 8750587505 from your registered mobile number OR from Mobile App.

For any queries, please call us on 8687 101 101.





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