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Core Banking

All 4 branches and Head Office are migrated to Core banking solution since 1st October 2010 & customer avails following facilities:


1.      Fund Transfer

2.      Inter Branch Clearing

3.      Deposit Closure

4.      Loan Installment Credit

2. ECS (Electronic Clearing System Facility), NACH, ACH

3. NEFT ( ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER / RTGS ( Real Time Gross Settlement )

4. Cheque Truncation System

1.      Centralized CTS Inward Clearing

2.      Centralized CTS Outward Clearing

6. Internal clearing transaction are done on home branch on same day

7. Salary, Pension A/c, Company Salary A/c, School Salary A/c are directly credited to customer’s account

8. Staff salary & Loan Installments are directly credited to their respective staff accounts.

9. Centralized Signature Scanning done at Head Office.

10. Outstation Cheque Clearing facility

11. Rupay ATM Debit card facility to customers and NPCI NFS network facility.

12. Help Desk facility for Customer at any branch / Head Office of the bank

13. Deposit Closure at any branch of the bank

14. AADHAR Link facility to account for DBT / Subsidy

15. Bank is ready with Disaster Recovery site at Mumbai.

16. Customer is now become a bank’s Customer having unique customer ID with 3D view of accounts.

17. Standing instruction facility for Deposit / Loan Installments

18. Shareholder Dividends directly credited in accounts.

19. CCTV Camera facility implemented to all branches for customer security purpose

20. Customer can receive alerts/SMS for transactions

21. Insurance Facility for PMJSY (Pradhan Mantri Jeeven Suraksha Yojna) and PMJBY (Pradhan Mantri Jeeven Jyoti Beema Yojna)

22. Mobile Banking Facility : Customer has control on his account with Mobile App (My Mobile ..My Bank)

23.  IMPS Facility: Customer can send and receive money from any bank by using Mobile app or Branch Channel

24. BBPS Facility: Customer can pay his utility bill through Mobile Appor Branch Channel.

25. Card Safe and Green PIN App: Customer can control his ATM Card LIMIT

26. We are shortly launching UPI (Unified Payment System) facility to our customers.

27. Instant Service by our staff

Benefits of ACH/NACH ECS Facility:
Customer can initiate ECS mandate for repetitive Debit / Credit transaction from any banks in India. This will result in reduced operational cost for the banks and Customers. Its fast, secured and paperless for smooth repetitive transactions.

Aadhar Payment Bridge (APB) System, one of the unique payment systems implemented by NPCI, It uses Aadhaar number as a central key for electronically channelizing the Government benefits and subsidies like Gas ,Education subsidies in the Aadhaar Enabled Bank Accounts (AEBA) of the intended beneficiaries.

Bank is providing Cheque Trunctation system (CTS) since 2014. 


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